SSL or not SSL?


You have worked hard on getting a great website, now how do you gain credibility with your visitors? A SSL certificate can help.

SSL allows for the secure, or encrypted, transfer of data between a website and a server.

As a website owner, how does this affect you?

If you are running just a blog with no forms, no online purchases and no passwords exchanged, then it’s most likely something that you won’t need to worry about.

But for the rest of you, which is the majority, here are a few key reasons why ensuring an SSL certificate has been installed for your website is a must.

  • It keeps your users’ contact information secure
    So you have a contact form on your site, a newsletter subscription, you are running a promotion for visitors to enter a competition. Do you really want to be held responsible for their personal information falling in someone else’s hands?
  • You are selling goods or services on your website
    Now not only do you have their contact details being entered, but potentially their date of birth, license number and credit card details. Consideration for protecting that data is a given.
  • Website ranking
    It is a known fact these days that Google in particular is giving small ranking boosts to websites with SSL. Or, in the reverse, websites not using SSL are being moved down the search engine result chain, with a drop in their overall ranking and popularity.

How can you tell if your website already has SSL?

Go and visit your own site and check the address bar in your browser. If it has a green padlock, your site is secure.

If it doesn’t, well it’s not …

Is it worth doing?

Based on the above information alone, unless you are running a simple blog website, it is an advisable option for you. Three main reasons come to mind:

  1. Your website could be blocked.
    Increasingly websites that do not have SSL are returning an error messages to users trying to visitors the site with most convinced the site has been hacked or has malicious content of some kind. This results in loss of visitors to your website and therefore the potential loss of business.
  2. Trust and Brand Recognition.
    Based on the above, the great green padlock is increasingly becoming the equivalent of a thumbs up. A sign it’s OK to visit the site.
  3. Protection
    Peace of mind that you can take another step to protecting yourself from  the clever and ever-present cyber criminals. Along with ensuring you have reCaptcha installed on your on your forms, with SSL you are less vulnerable when information is transmitted from your site and therefore less of a target for the bad boys out there.

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For our customers

Our clients have the option of having an SSL certificate with their hosting package. For more information on how we can assist you please contact us.


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